Package javax.xml.parsers

Bootstrapping APIs for JAXP parsers.


Class Summary
DocumentBuilder DocumentBuilder
DocumentBuilderFactory DocumentBuilderFactory is used to resolve the problem that the W3C DOM APIs don't include portable bootstrapping.
SAXParser Wraps a SAX2 (or SAX1) parser.
SAXParserFactory SAXParserFactory is used to bootstrap JAXP wrappers for SAX parsers.

Exception Summary
ParserConfigurationException ParserConfigurationException

Error Summary
FactoryConfigurationError FactoryConfigurationError

Package javax.xml.parsers Description

Bootstrapping APIs for JAXP parsers. This is the first portable API defined for bootstrapping DOM.

JAXP parsers bootstrap in two stages. First is getting a factory, and configuring it. Second is asking that factory for a parser.

The SAX bootstrapping support corresponds to functionality found in the org.xml.sax.helpers package, except that it uses the JAXP two stage bootstrap paradigm and that the parser that's bootstrapped is normally wrapping a SAX parser rather than exposing it for direct use.